Your collector returns from his collection rounds with a bag of coins.

Are all the coins from the machines in the bag?

Have some gone missing?

We can help.


Not a fancy counting machine.

Our cell phone app communicates with each coin acceptance device and reports to a cloud server the actual counts of each machine. When the collector returns you will know exactly how many coins should be in his collection.

Collect the coins as usual.

Count the coins as usual.

Now, you have a cross check directly from the source.


It's simple.

Our only product is a small inexpensive device which attaches to the coin acceptor and communicates the coin counts to our BlueTooth enabled cell phone app.

  • The collector starts the app when he enters the area.
  • Each machine sends the current coin count.
  • After the coins have been collected the counts are sent by the cell phone app to our cloud server.
  • Reporting from the server gives management the exact number of coins collected.
Coin acceptance equipment with our technology built in is available at Imonex.